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Some Muslims rarely touches the Quran, while some read it daily, but don’t find it having the impact on them that it should. Whatever the case may be, these are some simple tips that can help you to reconnect with the Quran and with the Almighty Allah (SWT).

1. Before you open Qur’an, check your heart

The key to really benefiting from the Quran is to check your heart first, before you even open Allah’s book. Ask yourself, honestly, why you are reading it. Is it to just get some information and to let it drift away from you later? Remember that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) didn’t just read and recite the Quran, he lived it. His Wife Aisha (RA) described him as a “Walking Qur’an”.

2. Perform Wudu (ablution)

Ablution (Wudu) is good physical and mental preparation to remind you you’re not reading just another book, but rather you are about to interact with the Almighty Allah (SWT), so being clean should be a priority when communicating with Him.

3.  Read only five minutes everyday

We often think we should read Quran for at least one whole hour or even more. But if you aren’t in the habit of reading it regularly, this may be too much. Hence, start off with just three minutes or five minutes daily. If you are able to take care of this step, then Insha Allah those three minutes will become ten, then half an hour, then an hour, and maybe even more!

4.  Make sure you understand what you’ve read

It’s good to read the Holy Qur’an for at least five minutes daily, you also need to understand what you’re reading. Make sure you have a good translation of the Quran in the language you understand best. Alhamdulillah we have translations of the Qur’an in Hausa and Yoruba Languages (Igbo Language is being translated), try to read the translation and understand it well, as this will help in reconnection with the Qur’an and Allah (SWT)

5.  Remember, the Quran is more interactive than a device

I personally prefer opening Qur’an and reciting it, rather than just listening from a device, some Muslims think reading is somehow passive and boring but Qur’an is not like any book, a reading it is an interaction with the Almighty Allah and he is talking to you, so you need to pay more attention. You can also listen to Qur’an on your Car’s radio, Walkman, iPod, iPad, Mobile phones etc., in addition to your daily recitation, but don’t make listening as a replacement of recitation.

6.  Make Du’a

Try to make your heart pure and make your intention sincere, and ask Allah (SWT) to guide you and open your heart to the Holy Qur’an.

7.  Do you want to learn how to read Qur’an, understand and memorise it?

Come to us at At-Ta’Leem Islamic School. We have different programs that teach you how to recite, understand and memorise the Holy Qur’an. Our Qur’an programs (as well as other Islamic and Arabic programs) are prepared to suit all ages, and it fit into your convenient time.

May the Almighty Allah (SWT) make Qur’an the light of our eyes, the healer of our sicknesses and our guidance to the right path ameen.

Wassalamu Alaikum.

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