Registration Policy

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Registration Policy

We are pleased that you are interested in applying to At-Taleem Islamic School. We ask that you and your family make time to visit the school before applying and meet a member of our admission staff who will provide a school tour and arrange a staff/family conference where you will be able to ask questions and have a sense of how At-Taleem will help in your child’s development and growth.

Taibah Programme: At-Taleem Islamic School would like to take on every prospective student that wants to attend the School however due to the high popularity of this programme, we have put in place a pre-selection process that decides how student will be selected and their placement in the respective levels.

*This involves a teacher’s evaluation, and test to ascertain your child’s assigned level, then offered a place on the programme.

* Admission into the Early Years programme for ages 2-4 years  is non-selective.

What to Wear
Pre-School and Creche:

To enable the children to play happily, freely and to enjoy the activities we provide for them, we suggest you send them to school in play clothes. These clothes should be simple in design, so as to encourage comfort.  Please ensure a change of clothes is included in your child’s bag.

We advise your child’s shoes come with non-slip soles for comfort and safety.


We advise that all students wear their assigned school hijab /caps.

All shoes must be with non- slip soles for comfort and safety.

Student Pick up and Drop Of
Student Pick up and drop off:

On enrolment you will be required to provide the school with the names and telephone numbers of the persons authorised to either drop off or pick up your child. We request that you notify us immediately of any changes or alterations to this authorisation. This can be done over the phone during the day, but you must provide the person’s name and phone number.

Please note that we will ask the person collecting your child to provide some form of identification. This is for the safety of your child.

We also require your child be signed in and out when dropped off and picked up by an adult.

Our Crèche is open between 7:00am – 4:30pm. Late fees will be charged after closing time. If you are unavoidably delayed, please ring the school. Parents will be contacted if children are not collected by 5:30pm. If not contactable, the emergency person(s) will be called.

Student Withdrawal:

Please be informed all existing students must give 4 weeks notice prior to withdrawal. Please note that no tuition is refundable or transferrable.



 If your child requires medicine whilst at school, you must complete a Medication Form which is located at the front desk. You need to write your child’s name, the type of medication, dosage, time of dosage, sign and hand the form to your childminder and handed to the school nurse. If you fail to sign the Medication Form or give incorrect dosage amounts, the medication will not be given.

All medication is to be removed from your child’s bag and given to a member of staff for proper storage.

If your child suffers from a condition that requires constant medication, for example asthma, a letter from your child’s doctor is needed. The letter must contain the reason for the medication as well as the type and dosage. The letter needs to be signed by the doctor.

You also need to provide the school with the immunisation details of your child.

Incidence Reporting
Incidence reporting and illness:

If your child is involved in an accident whilst at At-Taleem, an accident report form will be filled out by a member of staff. The report will contain a description of the accident, the injury and the treatment given. The report will be available for parents to read and sign when they collect their child.

If the staff believe the child will need extra treatment or is more seriously injured, a parent will be notified immediately by staff. Similarly, if your child becomes unwell in school, parents will be contacted to arrange collection of the child. If the parents cannot be contacted, staff will use the emergency contacts from the child’s enrolment form to locate a person to collect the child.